Ambient air monitoring

Looking for a monitoring programme that’s designed just for you?

Why pay for catch-all methodology when you can have a cost-effective, relevant monitoring programme that’s designed just for you? The wide variety of ambient air monitoring methods available means there’s plenty of scope for fine-tuning a solution to meet your needs – so that’s exactly what we do.

From continuous monitoring to source analysis, we’ll find the techniques and devices that are most appropriate in terms of cost, reliability, level of detail and ease of operation. In this way, we can create a monitoring strategy that will give you the best result.

How can we help?

We’ll work with you to develop a monitoring plan based on your situation and available resources. We’ll perform calibrations and audits, process and analyse data, and troubleshoot monitoring installations. We can also assist with converting measured ambient data into a model-ready data set. Our experience includes:

  • continuous monitoring systems
  • meteorological monitoring, including tower installation
  • instrument selection based on your needs
  • criteria pollutant monitoring
  • odour monitoring and source analysis.

Need to know more?

Odournet offers EnviroSuite, a web-based platform to translate raw data into a meaningful map display. You can collect monitoring data, including human assessor observations, and visualise the results online, pinpoint the source of odour observations or plan odour impact risk operations using the online CALPUFF model 72-hour  prediction of odour risk.

Whatever your requirements, our ambient air monitoring specialists and strategic partners are ready to assist you with even the most challenging monitoring projects.

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