Emissions inventory

Taking stock

If you’re serious about air quality management, a complete emissions inventory is a must-have tool. A database that lists, by source, the estimated amounts of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere in a certain geographical area during a given time period, an emissions inventory helps to:

  • determine significant sources of air pollutants
  • establish emission trends over time
  • target regulatory actions
  • estimate air quality using computer dispersion modelling.

Over the last three decades, Odournet has built the most extensive odour emissions database in the world. We now produce emissions inventories for our clients too, so they can maximise the effectiveness of their air quality management process. One of our core business activities, it has been highly commended by government environmental agencies.

How can we help?

Our significant experience in this field means we can make robust estimations for a particular site, taking into account the process parameters, pollutants emitted, source types and other relevant factors.

As well as identifying common point sources, we can provide robust estimations of emission sources that are more difficult to identify and quantify, such as raw material storage piles, liquid treatment tanks, material handling operations, solvent cleaning of parts and machinery, and surface coating operations. This is crucial in developing permitting strategies, identifying the applicable regulations, and performing realistic air dispersion modelling assessments.

Need to know more?

We won’t only provide you with an emissions database. We’ll also prepare a detailed report documenting all the emissions data and the corresponding calculations.

We’ll provide the data in the format that’s most useful for you, whether that’s a simple, customised spreadsheet or a sophisticated, company-wide and fully integrated environmental, health and safety management information system.

For more information, contact us: modelling@odournet.com.

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