Air modelling data

You can even capture what you can’t see

As everyone knows, data is important but it’s what you do with it that really counts. In the case of air modelling data, the team at Odournet is skilled in capturing it accurately, checking it rigorously, and processing it in a meaningful way. So you can rely on the most robust atmospheric dispersion modelling possible.

Simulating pollutant dispersion with air modelling software
Simulating pollutant dispersion with air modelling software

How can we help?

We work to the highest standards across all key areas of atmospheric dispersion modelling. This includes met data acquisition, data quality check, and processing into model-ready format for regulatory dispersion models that include:

  • US EPA Complex/ISC/Aermod/Calpuff
  • German Federal Environment Agency AUSTAL
  • Netherlands National New Model (Stacks and Pluim Plus)
  • UK CERC/Met Office ADMS.

Need to know more?

There are many applications for our air modelling data. For more information about how it could help your business, email our modelling experts:

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