CERTECH Emissions and odours from materials

On 8 and 9 October 2015 Certech will organize the 12th edition of “Emissions and odours from materials”, which will take place in Brussels.

We welcome you to visit our stand to learn about Odournet’s latest innovations in product and material testing.

The technical programme will include the following topics:

  • Standards and regulatory issues: updating EU-legislation (REACH, superdirective…) and labelling schemes.
  • Comfort and impact on health : IAQ, workplace environment, odours and VOCs, off-flavours…
  • Latest developments for measurement and evaluation: sampling, analysis and sensory evaluation.
  • Remediation: optimisation of manufacturing and compounding processes, storage and transport conditions, new barrier properties…
  • Recent developments: new OEM requirements, latest trends, new products (low-VOC products, new additives formulations…) in:
                • automotive industry
                • building industry
                • packaging industry. 
                • e-cigarette and e-liquid

For more information please visit Emissions and Odours from Materials.