Odournet now sales and research partner of GC-IMS specialist G.A.S.

Odournet is proud to announce the recent establishment of a sales and research partnership with the GC-IMS specialist Opens external link in new windowG.A.S. Gesellschaft für analytische Sensorsysteme mbh (G.A.S.).

G.A.S. is manufacturer of gas analysers made for trace detection, and one of the leading companies of GC-IMS technology. G.A.S.’s instruments are known for their extremely sensitive (lower ppbv-range), fast acquisition of analytical results (few seconds) and an economical pricing.

G.A.S.’s product developments address various application fields, including Food & Flavour, Industry & Process-Control as well as Medical Research.

Starting immediately, Odournet will distribute the complete range of G.A.S. solutions including the Gas Chromatograph – Ion Mobility Spectrometer (GC-IMS), the FlavourSpec® – Sensitive Analyser for the Food and Beverage Industry, and the BreathSpec® – Sensitive Analyser for Metabolic Substances directly in human Breath. For a complete range of GAS Dortmund instruments, please visit G.A.S. IMS instruments.

This cooperation does not only focus on the distributional side but even more on the further development of this powerful analytical method.

“GC-IMS has the potential to develop into a technology with various areas of applications in the environmental sector, in the field of product & material testing (food & non food) and a new field of 24/7 process control. It is interesting for Odournet to develop a close and cooperative relation to G.A.S. to be pioneering market-oriented, advanced developments.” comments Simon Rützel-Grünberg, CEO of the Odournet Group.

If you want to learn more about GC-IMS, please visit our dedicated GC-IMS website or get in contact with

Dr. Nathalie Nibbe
Senior Consultant
+49 431 220 120