Odournet Group splits into Olfasense and Odournet

The shareholders of OdourNet Holding BV decided to split the company group into two independent entities. The current Odournet GmbH (Germany) and Odournet NL (The Netherlands) form one new company group called Olfasense. All other Odournet companies in UK, France, Spain, India, Mexico and Brazil continue as Odournet Group.

The split is the result of irreconcilable differences in the visions of shareholders of the future strategic direction to develop the company.

An amicable solution was reached which allows the different visions to be pursued in separate business entities while keeping close collaborative relationships in the network of teams Odournet has created in the past five years, ensuring continuation of service to their multinational clients.

Existing client contracts and projects will be continued, with unchanged contact persons.

Odournet GmbH and Odournet NL B.V. (renamed into Olfasense) will continue:

  • as the leading supplier of odour measurement instruments and related calibration services;
  • as provider of international laboratory comparisons;
  • as a specialist provider of services for product and materials testing, including GC-IMS fast chromatography;
  • as a specialist provider of environmental odour services;
  • as a provider of the Odourmap™ and iNose digital odour observation management platforms.

The Odournet Group will continue:

  • to provide environmental odour services from its international network of branch companies in UK, Spain, France, India, Mexico and Brazil;
  • to provide cutting edge analytical services for molecular odour evaluation, including GCMS/TOF, GC Sniffing and GC-IMS fast chromatography;
  • to provide specialist services for product and materials testing;
  • to provide digital platforms for sustainability data, in particular EnviroSuite™ and Odourmap™

The new structure will be effective starting January 1st 2016.

Please be assured that Olfasense and Odournet remain committed to consistently deliver services and products of high quality responding directly to your needs.

We are looking forward to continued delivery of sensory expertise worldwide and wish you a prosperous 2016.