Odournet’s Odour Laboratories are in the top five for accuracy according to the latest International Inter-laboratory Comparison (ILC).

inter-laboratory comparison
Odournet UK – Odour Laboratory

Every year there is a global inter-laboratory comparison test for dynamic dilution olfactometry. In 2016, 36 laboratories participated in the comparison test conducted by OIfasense GmbH. An external coding institution was involved in the process of the test, to ensure double-blind anonymity of results. The external coding body ensured that the data remains anonymous both for participants and for the organizers, and the use of the external coding body was mandatory to all participants.

Odournet is delighted to report that all of their laboratories passed the requirements of the comparison with flying colours. In fact, the results indicated that the Odournet labs are in the top five for accuracy of the 36 labs which took place, with Odournet’s Greater Manchester laboratory achieving the top spot.

Quality Manager, Lucy Sutton explained:

“In the Inter-lab test our accuracy is measured in accordance with EN13725, the standard for Olfactometry. Our accuracy has to be equal to or less than 0.217, and we achieved 0.035 in Greater Manchester, 0.059 in Wiltshire and 0.082 in Spain. To achieve this result in all of our laboratories clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of our internal quality assurance systems, which enable us to provide our clients with top class results that they can have confidence in.”

Managing Director, Nick Jones, added:

“We have recently equipped both our UK labs with TO-EvolutionTM olfactometers which reflect the current state-of-art in odour analysis, and which were co-developed with Olfasense. These results are a clear endorsement of this investment, and our long running strategy to provide high quality, high value services to our UK client base.”