Our partnership with AITEX makes textile testing more accessible

Odournet und AITEX

Working together, Odournet and AITEX offer a broad selection of sensory odour measurement services to clients in the textile sectors, including those in clothing, automotives, hygiene and cosmetics, aeronautics, and many more.

Odournet’s extensive expertise in textile testing (for example, of functional textiles designed to reduce odours) is more widely accessible through our links with AITEX – the leading centre for research, innovation and advanced technical services available to the textile, manufacturing and technical textile sectors worldwide.

AITEX is a member of the Spanish Federation of Innovation and Technology Centres (FEDIT), the Region of Valencia’s Network of Technology Institutes (REDIT), and a number of other national and international organisations. It provides invaluable technical support to Odournet projects, while expanding its own exclusive service portfolio.

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