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Who are we?



Odournet UK Ltd was established in 1994. We operate from two offices which are located in Bristol and Altrincham and from which we offer a full range of odour consultancy, survey and testing services as well as selected consumer product testing capabilities.

Both the Bristol and Altrincham offices are equipped with UKAS accredited olfactometry laboratories.

We also offer a wide range of UKAS and MCERTS accredited emission testing services, which include odour, VOC characterisation, and biofilter monitoring.

How can we help?

As the UK market leader in the provision of high-quality, solution-oriented consultancy, we offer plenty of experience and expertise. We have a particularly strong reputation in the wastewater, waste, composting, renewable energy, development and fragrance and flavouring sectors.

Our consultants have played a major part in the development of UK odour policy, guidance and test methods. This gives them a unique ability to help industries evaluate and solve various odour-related problems. So, whatever your project or query, why not get in touch and find out what we can offer?


Odournet UK Ltd now renamed Olfasense UK Ltd

Odournet UK Ltd has recently been bought by the Olfasense Group. For enquiries for studies in the UK and Ireland, please contact Olfasense UK Ltd on 01225 868869; uk@olfasense.com;or visit https://www.olfasense.com/uk/ 

+44 (0)1225 868869

Why you should work with us

Accrediated odour analysis

We offer a full range of UKAS- and MCERTS-accredited odour analysis and testing services, including olfactometry and VOC specification.

Expert advice

We have experience of all odorous industrial and agricultural activities and the techniques that can be applied for control.

Fast response, flexible service

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that customer service is one of our core values. And that’s why we offer a range of testing services to suit your needs, from 24/7 laboratory services to fast-response site survey teams.

Comprehensive range of services

We aim to offer everything you could possibly need to get the better of odours. That’s why we have a complete range of consultancy services to help you identify, assess, manage and control odorous emissions (sampling, oflactometry analysis, chemical analysis, dispersion modelling, and more).

Equipment hire and sales

We’ll make sure you’re always spoilt for choice, with our full range of sampling and analytical equipment. We can also help you to develop bespoke test designs.

Bespoke training

Our specialist training is designed around you, with a range of bespoke courses covering all elements of odour assessment and control. And for maximum flexibility, our training can be delivered anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

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