Odournet France

Who are we?

Based in Rennes, Odournet France was established in 2006. Our laboratory is accredited by French certification body COFRAC*, and offers a full range of environmental odour services and selected consumer product testing capabilities in France and internationally.




How can we help?

Emission Expertise :

  • Audit, Prediagnosis
  • Sampling for olfactometry / Norm NF EN 13725
  • Sampling for Molecular analyses (Screening of VOC, GC-Sniffing, others analyses)
  • Aeraulic diagnosis
  • Test on solution performance
  • Monitoring systems

Reception Field Expertise :

  • Impact studies by modeling (model 2D, 3D)
  • Field inspections
  • Monitoring systems

Consulting :

In the field of products and materials, we carry out tests of product efficiency, evaluation of odorous qualities and identification of smelly notes (SENSENET branch).

We are proud to be the leader of the French market in delivering high quality, dedicated solution consulting.

This expertise and years of experience in all sectors (Wastewater, Waste, Industry) give us a unique ability to help industry and solve a lot of odor problems – so why not contact us today and see how we can help you?

Management of odor complaints

Manage complaints more easily with professional tools. ODOURNET, with the help of its partners, offers a wide range of software tailored to your needs.


Odournet France Head Office
3 allée de Bray
35 510 Cesson Sevigne
Marie-Amélie Presset
ph: (+33) 2 99 50 17 95



Why you should work with us

Comprehensive range of services

We aim to offer everything you could possibly need to get the better of odours. That’s why we have a complete range of consultancy services to help you identify, assess, manage and control odorous emissions (sampling, oflactometry analysis, chemical analysis, dispersion modelling, and more).

Innovative and tailor-made test designs

We simulate the use of your product in a standardised laboratory environment with expert panels, consumers and state-of-the-art instruments. So we can be confident that there’s no better way to put it to the test.

Advanced chemical analysis

Our advanced chemical analysis GC TOF MS/GC-O is the best-in-class standard for chemical identification of odorous compounds. It can reveal odour impact chemicals that cannot be found by any other spectroscopic or sensing technology.

Bespoke training packages

Our specialist training is designed around you, with a range of bespoke courses covering all aspects of odours in product and material testing, daily laboratory work and environmental assessment. And for maximum flexibility, training can be delivered at our own site or yours.

Odour complaint management

Manage complaints more easily with professional tools. ODOURNET, with the help of its partners, offers a wide range of software tailored to your needs.

Products – hardware and software

We develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality odour measurement equipment and software for a range of markets for sales or hire. Want something bespoke? We can even develop your own individual solution – please ask us for details.

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