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Preserving the smell of history: Cecilia Bembibre attempts to preserve history, by cataloguing her smells. Cecilia’s research is currently going on at the University College London, as part of her PhD project, in collaboration with the National Trust (heritage partner) and sensory experts of Odournet Group (industry partner).

Have you missed our last workshop on odour measurement techniques in the P&M sector? The following video summarizes the event.

Discover EnviroSuite – Connect & Collect online data, Investigate, Plan, Respond and Report. Web-Based Tool for Odour Management, Citizen Participation & Community Relations and its benefits in less than 5 minutes.

Find out how the Odournet GCMS/TOF lab can assist you with a wide range of molecular odour evaluation tests.

Watch the following video to get to know the range of Odournet Air Modelling Services.