Odournet vision

Our vision is to deliver world-leading sensory expertise and innovation. We aim to achieve this by:

  • maintaining our position as the world’s leading odour management consultancy
  • expanding our global reach in sensory and molecular analysis of products and materials
  • expanding our activities in molecular odour evaluation, unravelling the molecular origins of what we smell
  • continuing to develop, manage and deliver top-level expertise on sensory and instrumental odour analysis techniques for environmental nuisance management and product optimisation and material testing
  • using the digital cloud revolution to resolve client’s challenges more effectively
  • respecting and balancing the interests of people, planet and profit
  • providing opportunities for our dedicated specialist staff to develop their careers in line with their evolving interests and skills, both in intellectual and organisational scope and reward.
People are at the heart of our vision
People are at the heart of our vision