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olfactometry - odour measurement equipment

To get an overview of our odour measurement equipment please have a look at Our Products or register for our Product Catalogue.

We combine the expertise, experience and innovative capacity of the two foremost pioneers in developing modern olfactometry over the past 40 years: ecoma and Odournet.

Odournet is the world leading supplier for odour laboratory technologies and odour measurement equipment, including olfactometers, sampling 
tools, software, calibration services, and more. 

Most scientific research papers and applied environmental olfactometry research of the past 20 years are based on data obtained using our
odour measurement equipment.

The specially designed, unique technology is used by more than 250 laboratories, research institutes, universities, and companies world wide. Reliable, high-quality measuring technology consists primarily of the robust measurement equipment, well-engineered software as well as customer service and support. At Odournet, these elements interact in perfect harmony. We are your one-stop provider of odour measurement
technology solutions.

Odournet was not only instrumental in standardising olfactometry, and
chaired the technical working group that established the EN 13725 standard,
Odournet members were also key players in all other relevant odour working
and standardisation groups
since 1993.

Odournet has also pioneered  ISO 17025 accreditation. An overview of our 
current accreditation scopes can be found on Odournet Accreditations.

The expertise of our employees gives us the best knowledge to develop the
best customised odour measurement and sampling equipment in the world. 

Don’t miss the chance to benefit from this knowledge and expertise - Be part of it!