An introduction to Odourmap®

Your key to managing odour complaints transparently

If a site that you manage – or that’s within your area of responsibility – emits unpleasant odours, it may affect local residents. No operator or regulator can control whether conflict will develop as a result – but, thanks to Odourmap®, you can make sure that residents feel listened to if they decide to register a complaint.


Odourmap® is a web-based information and communication platform that local residents can easily engage with. It shows information that is relevant to managing community relations where sensory impacts are concerned – making it accessible to members of the public, the plant operator and the relevant authority.

How can we help?

Odourmap® simplifies odour complaints management by making it a more transparent process. The Odourmap® application collects, displays and evaluates the relevant data, communicating it in a meaningful map-based display. By making forecasts and giving feedback to all parties involved in cases of reported odour nuisance, it can enhance community relations and defuse conflict situations.

Odourmap® has many other advantages besides its user-friendly, intelligent design:

  • It’s fast: In our rapidly moving society, effective community relations and incident management by emergency services demand higher levels of transparency and accountability than ever before. Citizens expect to file complaints and observations instantly, online, and see how their input was followed up. Odourmap® meets these expectations.
  • It’s collaborative: Odourmap® rejects one-way lines of complaint in favour of involving citizens in environmental protection through crowdsourcing.
  • It’s flexible: Odourmap®’s configurable timeline allows past, current and likely future situations to be displayed. This means that:
    • users can ‘time-travel’ and see situations develop; situations can also be displayed in the past (and in the future, where there are likely impacts)
    • animated sequences can help the user to see and analyse the progression of an incident, and the way it interacts with meteorological conditions and emission incidents
    • statistical views can be provided (where the recorded citizen feedback and the information about emission sources, weather data and data from grid inspections can be processed statistically and reported in a standardised way).

Need to know more?

Odourmap® also offers a fully secure user management facility. Levels of authority can be customised, to tailor the data displayed to different users. When setting up the system, you can decide which channels you want to use internally, and what information is made available to which parties and when. Users can also receive system notifications in the event of predefined incidents, through the integrated alert management facility.

Why not find out if Odourmap® is suitable for your odour complaint management needs? Visit our dedicated Odourmap website by clicking on the button below to find out more.

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