Odour studies for the public sector

Odournet carries out a range of odour studies on behalf of local and national regulatory authorities worldwide, as well as for industry trade bodies and organisations.

We can help public bodies with regional and national odour policy and regulations
We can help public bodies with regional and national odour policy and regulations

These studies include:

  • independent assessments of industrial facilities and operations for regulatory or planning purposes
  • preparation of expert statements to support regulatory enforcement action
  • preparation of guidance on odour assessment and odour management (sector guidance, best practice guides and BAT notes)
  • development of regional and national odour policy and odour regulations.

Examples of documents prepared to date include:

  • Odour control in wastewater treatment – a technical reference document, UK Water Industry Research Ltd
  • Odour impacts and emission control for intensive agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland
  • Assessment of community response to odorous emissions, Research project P4-095/TR, The Environment Agency, UK.

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Odournet also organises odour seminars in partnership with various public sector institutions. Recent examples include an international seminar on environmental odour management in Chile and an odour assessment and control seminar in India.

We’d be pleased to discuss your specific requirements with you – please contact your local Odournet office to find out how our odour studies could support your area of work.

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