Odournet Brasil Ltda

Wer wir sind.

Odournet Brasil Ltda was established in São Paulo in 2014, with plans to set up an olfactometry lab there in 2015. This laboratory will offer odour assessments – both in the area of environmental odours and in the development of products and materials.

How can we help?

As part of the wider Odournet group, we are perfectly positioned to conduct local odour assessment projects, dispersion modelling studies, conceptual design of odour control systems, and specialist training.

Country manager Yanko Guimaraes is an experienced engineer who is looking forward to assessing your particular requirements and finding the most suitable solution from the full range of Odournet services.


Av. Rouxinol, 60, Sala 509,
Sao Paulo- SP
CEP 04516-000

Yanko Guimaraes
phone: +55 11 2613-5377
mobile: +55 11 98270 1956

Warum Sie sich für uns entscheiden sollten

Client stewardship

With significant experience in environmental consulting, we are confident that Odournet Brasil will exceed your expectations. We’re skilled at identifying our clients’ needs and finding the right solution for each one. And we’re committed to meeting agreed timescales and costs, too.

Expert advice

Odournet’s many clients benefit from our ability to produce high-quality consultancy reports and explain complex information in both legal and public relations settings. Whatever you need to know, you can rely on us to make sense of the jargon.

Schulungspakete nach Maß

Unsere Schulungspakete werden auf Ihre Wünsche abgestimmt und können alle Bereiche – ob tägliche Arbeit im Geruchslabor, oder Geruchsfragen im Umweltbereich bzw. im Bereich der Produkt- und Materialprüfung – abdecken. Und um Ihnen noch mehr Flexibilität zu bieten, können unsere Schulungen bei Ihnen oder bei uns im Hause stattfinden.

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